Saturday, March 20th, 2021, 10:58 am, Montreal, QC

I am pushing my bike up the hill and chatting with my friends Catherine, Andrew, and Stephen. It’s the first time we’re seeing each other since the world went into lockdown a year ago, and there’s so much we need to catch up on.

We arrive at the Kondiaronk Belvedere, a large half-circular observation deck at the top of Mount Royal. It’s almost the end of March, yet the weather is freezing and this terrace is still covered with snow. This morning, it’s crowded with hundreds of people near the fences to…

As part of my English class, I had to read Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”, an essay detailing her journey to becoming a Chinese-American writer, her struggles as a child with the English language as well as her mother’s discrimination and limitations in society because of her imperfect English. Her essay inspired me today to write about my own feelings about the English language.

English is my third language. I was born in China and went through the french system for kindergarten, primary and high school, so the main languages I spoke were Chinese and French in the earlier stages of…

“What’s up ching-chong ling-long! ”

“Do you eat dogs?”

“Open your eyes!”

“Go back to your country!”

“I’m from Canada.” “No, seriously, where are you from?”

These are some of the racist comments that are stuck in my head to this day because of my Chinese appearance.

Today, I wanted to share my story growing up in a western country as a first-generation Chinese immigrant. My hope is to shed light on some of the ways assimilation happens, exemplify cases of racism still prevalent in today’s society, and encourage cultural pride and inclusivity.

Immigrating to Canada

When I was just 1 year old…

Fan culture, also referred to as fandom, is a subculture of popular culture, and characterized by the different fan communities that share a common interest towards a particular aspect of popular culture such as a celebrity, a television series, or a particular book. Fandom can be traced back as early as the 1900s, when groups of individuals were witnessed publicly mourning the “death” of the fictional character Sherlock Holmes and publishing fan-generated stories in order to “revive” him. Since then, fan communities have grown enormously alongside popular culture. It is particularly interesting to examine how the mass arrival of the…

About a month and half ago, I gave myself the challenge to write an article every day for an entire month. 30 Days, non-stop. I thought it would be fun and exciting, a way for me to better understand myself, to express my opinion to the world, to discover things, to force myself to write. At the beginning, it was relatively easy. I had a few ideas lined up, and I had the grit and motivation to finish the articles, even if that meant publishing at midnight before I could go to sleep so I could check the box that…

Floods are some of the most common and devastating natural disasters in the world. As a Canadian citizen, it was concerning to me finding out that floods are the most common natural hazard in the country and among the costliest. A recent report showed that in the last decade, flooding has killed on average more than 5000 people a year around the world. For this reason, it is extremely important that we develop innovative technologies to mitigate the effects of this devastating natural disaster. …

The planet is our mother earth,

This is where we each had our own birth,

Every human is so diverse,

Yet each one of them is the center of the universe.

I believe that we each came here with our own purpose,

No matter how big how small, it doesn’t really matter.

The importance is that we fulfill that mission,

Forever living in oblivion if we fail to see that vision.

As every day passes by, less and and less time is at our disposal,

And soon we will all end up as our own disposal.

We should live for…

Capitalism is great. It allows you to create your own opportunities and to be rewarded when you work hard enough. This is because capitalism is built around private owners rather than the state who controls the country’s trade and industry in exchange for profit. What this means is that you can, to some extent, control your revenue. Contrarily to a communist society, you can, to some extent, live the American dream if you work hard enough. And if you come from a poor family, you can, to some extent, move up the ladder and increase your living conditions in order…

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X, was a particularly controversial figure during the Civil rights movement, often considered a fanatic advocating for the rights of black men, calling white men the devil, and arguing the only way white and black men can live together is through separation.

Before his assassination in 1965 at the age of 39, he was working on his own autobiography, which eventually got published. This week, I read his autobiography, and it was one of the best reads I have had in a very long time.

In the book, Malcolm X takes us through…

Steven Gong

A first-year CEGEP student in Quebec who is passionate about entrepreneurship, AI, science, technology, and mathematics.

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